New arrivals- Kenya Kiambu Nyaga PB, Sumatra FTO Aceh Arinagata, Rwanda Gkongoro Nyarusiza, Papua New Guinea Kimel PB

Four new coffees to end 2009 ! Up first is the Kenya Kiambu Nyaga Peaberry with ripe fruit tastes and a citric accent. Kirinyaga fans should take note. Next up is a new arrival of Sumatra FTO Aceh Arinagata, a favorite in past months for those who like a slightly cleaner Sumatra prep. Look for spice tastes and a marked low acidity. We’re also adding Rwanda Gkongoro Nyarusiza, a well-balanced cup with fruit tones and a tea-like aftertaste. Lastly, we finally have the long-awaited Papua New Guinea Kimel Peaberry in stock. This is a bright Indonesian cup; clean, and well-rounded. Look for apple cider and floral tastes. It’s the best PNG we’ve seen in over a year! Check out the detailed cupping reviews for all of these coffees!

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