New arrivals: Sumatra Mandheling, Kenya Nyeri Gaturiri, Ethiopia WP Guji Oromo

So impressive: three SO espressos/coffees to add: Sumatra Classic Mandheling, Kenya Nyeri AA Gaturiri, and Ethiopia Wet Process Guji Oromo. We are excited to be adding three great coffees today that make great Single-Origin espressos as well. First is the standard and favorite Sumatra Classic Mandheling with its low tones, heavy body, and semi-sweet tastes. Most of you should also be familiar and fans of Nyeri district coffee. We have a limited amount of Kenya Nyeri AA Gaturiri. The flavor profile includes caramel, grape, and an overall nice balance. We actually pulled some amazing, bright shots of 100% Gaturiri too, not easy with Kenya coffees. Last but not least is Ethiopia Wet Process Guji Oromo. This washed coffee is unique in its sweet spice notes, floral hints, and even gingerbread. It’s a very distinct flavor profile, different than Sidama coffees and Yirga Cheffes too. As always, origin reviews are linked above.

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