New coffees: Colombia Cerro Azul Gesha, Honduras Ocotopeque Decaf, Panama Org Berlina, Kenya Kirinyaga Kabingara, El Salv Siberia Bourbon

A pentad of great new arrivals: Colombia Cauca -Cerro Azul GeshaHonduras Ocotopeque WP DecafPanama Organic La Berlina Estate TypicaKenya Kirinyaga AA Kabingara, and  El Salvador Finca Siberia Bourbon. We have an exciting first-time offering: Colombia Cauca -Cerro Azul Gesha. Click through to read the farm story and note that it’s a bit more restrained than an Esmerelda Gesha. The flavor profile is a nice balance of guava, vanilla, and caramel flavors. The new Honduras Ocotopeque WP Decaf takes a range of roasts and is a mildly sweet cup with apple brightness and a dry finish. Folks will remember the classic Panama Berlina Estate‘s milk chocolate, praline, and malted flavors and this arrival rates highly too. The Kenya Kirinyaga AA Kabingara is an intense cup with Concord grape, currant and balanced bittersweet tones; it’s a complex cup. Lastly, we have a Salvadoran customer favorite: El Salvador Finca Siberia Bourbon. This is great at a dark roast for espresso too; look for tangy chocolate and almond in the profile.

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