New: Colombia Tolima -Hernan Arias & Salvador CoE Pinera Pacamara

Unique new additions… in limited supply. Today we added Colombia Tolima -Hernan Arias Microlot and El Salvador Cup of Excellence La Pinera Pacamara. Be sure to check out the farm and cupping notes linked above. The Colombia Tolima Hernan Arias Microlot is a bit more restrained in brightness than recent Tolima offerings. Look for honey-butter, vanilla, yellow apple and a marked sweetness in the cup. Limit is 1lb. The El Salvador CoE La Pinera Pacamara is an exceptional auction lot that we got a small supply of. Look for roasted almonds along with mandarin orange. At darker roasts you’ll also find some cinnamon and chocolate. It has a multi-layered profile so try it at different roasts for the full flavor gamut. Limit is 2lb

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