New: Kona Kowali, Kona Maragogype, Costa Rica Herbazu & Costa Rica Villa Sarchi

We’ve added Hawaii Kona -Kowali Farm Typica, Hawaii Kona Maragogype, Costa Rica Cafetalera Herbazu, and Costa Rica Hernan Solis Villa Sarchi. Let’s dig in to the reviews. The Hawaii Kona -Kowali Farm Typica is a mild island profile coffee with refined sweetness and silky body. Try this also darker for espresso. The second addition is a game-changer: Hawaii Kona Maragogype. This is the famed Maragogype varietal grown in Hawaii, not a rare occurrence and possibly an accident! Read the review for more but expect Meyer lemon and fruit nectar and a profile unlike any Kona. Lastly is the return of two exciting Centrals. The Costa Rica Cafetalera Herbazu is bright, citric cup with toffee and lemonade in the profile. Lastly is a customer favorite, the Costa Rica Hernan Solis Villa Sarchi, a Bourbon with balanced acidity and body along with a tangy chocolate note.

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