New: Rwanda CoE Kopakama,Kenya Gakuyu-ini,Guatemala La Florencia,Costa Rica Villa Sarchi,Sumatra Batak Tarbarita PB

New coffees! We are excited to add: Rwanda Cup of Excellence -Kopakama Coop, Kenya Kirinyaga AA Gakuyu-ini, Guatemala Finca La Florencia Bourbon, Costa Rica Hernan Solis Villa Sarchi, and Sumatra Blue Batak Tarbarita Peaberry. We anxious to list our limited lot of Rwanda Cup of Excellence -Kopakama Coop. This cup has sweet lemon and clean berry notes. Be sure to let it cool a bit to let the flavors open up. The Kenya Kirinyaga Gakuyu-ini is a favorite from a great coop. Look for delicate fruits, vanilla tones, and silk body in this exceptional offering. Try as an espresso too! The Guatemala Finca La Florencia Bourbon is also great as a SO espresso. It has almond and chocolate roast tones with a creamy body, a real crowd-pleaser and sure you’ll agree. Up next is another big favorite, this year’s Costa Rica Hernan Solis Villa Sarchi with peace tea, lemonade rind and a syrupy body. And lastly Sumatra Blue Batak Tarbarita Peaberry, with rustic honey-hickory, chocolate complexity, and cinnamon in the finish.