Nine Great New Coffees

Sept. 11, 2015

Colombia El Nogal Tabi Cultivar – with raw sugar and cane juice sweetness,dried fruit, grape and a floral accent. Both body and sweetness are thick, balancing inherent bittering "coffee" tones well. Great in the middle roast range.

Colombia Urrao -Familia Moreno Microlotblackberry syrup and cardamom spice notes, along with dried cherry and rindy citrus. A cool cup reveals a tart and floral hibiscus tea flavor.

Colombia Valle de Pavón -Los Palomos – Fruit-forward profile -pineapple, mango, guava, berry and raisin. Spice and floral accents round out this beauty. Good for espresso.

Ethiopia Illubabor Baaroo Cooperative – juicy stone fruit notes, honeyed sweetness, body, floral and spice accents. Tied together by integrated citrus-like acidity. No jarring ‘snap’, but like lemon oil, a thing of beauty. Good for espresso.

Guatemala Cuilco -Finca El Regalito – Deep toffee sweetness and fruit notes like golden raisin, date, nectarine and apricot, are tied together by elegant, malic acidity. Great for espresso.

Guatemala Cuilco Villatoro-Castillo Microlot – marmalade, dark fruits, tart berry with amazing acidity. Middle roasts have juicy fruits, dense caramel, and citrus brilliance. Great for espresso.

Guatemala Proyecto Xinabajul  -Libertad Selvin – cherry popsicle, grape/grape skins, black currant and aroma of peach preserves. Floral honey to cane juice, sweetness has a balancing affect on bittersweet and spiced cocoa notes. Great for espresso

Guatemala Proyecto Xinabajul -Don Baudilio – Caramel and nougat, toffee almond, subtle baking spice and fruit notes, cleansing acidity, big body – a complete and balanced brewed cup without any over-the-top characteristics. Good for espresso.

Kenya Nyeri Tambaya Peaberryorange, pomello, grapefruit, and lime-aid all built up by a beautiful butterscotch sweetness. Opens up as it cools, a grape skin and lambic effervescence sensed in the finish. Good for espresso.

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