Roast Coffee Pairing #49: Clean Coffees – Guatemala and El Salvador

Here we have two very clean and bright coffees, the El Salvador Siberia 100% Bourbon, and the Guatemala Huehuetenango La Maravilla. Both were roasted to City+ level with thermoprobe temperatures of 425 and 14 minute roast times.  If this were a competition for cleanliness the El Salvador would win, it is very crisp and mild, a perfect “drinking” coffee.  The Guatemala is a bit of a different beast, spicy with a caramel note in the cup.  So often we get carried away with fruit-bomb Kenyas, and musty Sumatras; these two cups remind me what well balanced, subtle profiles can bring to the table.  I could drink either of these coffees every day and be happy.  Cleanliness is next to Godliness, after all.

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