Staff Picks – Featuring Lana

Meet Lana. She handles tons of Sweet Maria’s customer service messages and processes never-ending stacks of incoming coffee and merchandise orders. Having access to our extensive offerings list, she put together a list of a few coffees she really likes.


Name: Lana

Position: Customer Service

Coffee Approach: I’ve been with Sweet Maria’s since last September and have really enjoyed tasting and learning about coffee! On the weekends, I enjoy going out to new coffee shops around the Bay Area to scope out the best single-origin pour-overs. I gravitate towards floral, tea-like coffees via Burundi or Rwanda, but also love a chocolatey Central or South American.

My Picks:

Rwanda Nyamasheke Cyato: Black tea notes with a hint of chocolate. Amazing at all roast levels! Roast level: City+

Burundi Kayanza Dusangirijambo Coop: One of my absolute favorites with Earl Grey-like notes and some citrus. A good daily drinker! City.

Guatemala Michicoy Finca Rosma: Why wouldn’t you want coffee that tastes like a chocolatey oatmeal cookie? So good at Full City with other dark fruit notes. Roast level: Full City.

El Salvador Finca Matalapa Lote Cumbrita: An awesome dark roast! Chocolatey, nutty, sweet and a tad bitter. Roast level: Full City.


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