Start 2016 Off Right With Some Great Ethiopian Coffee

Dec. 21, 2015

Right now is a good time to stock up on coffee for New Year’s morning. Regardless of what you may be up to on New Year’s Eve, you will probably want some great coffee to drink on the morning of January 1st and beyond.

What coffees do we recommend? Well, our current selection of Ethiopian coffees is very impressive. Any of these would be great options to get your 2016 off to a great start.



Ethiopia Dry Process “Gey” Harar

This Harar is very sweet, from berry reduction to earth-toned raw sugars and rice syrup. it still encompasses a bit of the leathery/rustic sweetness that you’d expect. Body is huge, and the sweetness fruited. The cooled cup is so complex.


Ethiopia Illubabor Baaroo Cooperative

Brown sugar sweetness with jasmine pearl, barley tea, rose hips and sweet lemon-like acidity. Dried fruit notes and fantastic body. Good for espresso.


Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Baraka Buna

Intense sweetness, perfumey florals, fresh baked goods and cleanliness define Buna Baraka. Asian sweet lemon, red cherry and a floral scent of mock orange. Transparent body suits the dynamic cup character and bracing acidity.


Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Dry Process – Aricha

Amazing fruit character: strawberry, orange juice, ruby red grapefruit, stone fruit juices. Body, sweetness and a citric brightness often missing in naturals. Intense espresso.


Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Dry Process – Gedeb Asasa

Intoxicating fruit and floral aromatics. Fruit flavors of lemon-lime, red berry, mango and more. Complex sugars, high % cacao bar in deeper roasts. Intense espresso.


Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Kela Kochore Kela Kochore

This coffee shows a delicate, shimmering profile with a saturated red honey sweetness. Acidity is bright, and accentuated by flavors of pomelo, sweet lime and mandarin orange. Overt florals add to this dynamic cup.


Ethiopia Sidama-Limu SWP Decaf Blend

Syrupy-sweet, cola note, hibiscus flower tea, mildly floral. From light brown sugar to pungent molasses dependent on roast. Berry and cinnamon accents. Great for espresso.


Single Origin Sample Set: Ethiopia 8-Pack

An 8 pound pack of our current single origin coffees from Ethiopia at a small discount. These are 88 to 93 point coffees, dry and wet processed, a sampler skewed toward the mind-blowing side of the coffee tasting spectrum.



…speaking of a great selection, our Central American list is overflowing too…with tasty coffee from Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama and Honduras.



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