Sugar Cupping

May 31, 2016

Sometimes tasting something that isn’t coffee can help you learn more about what your coffee tastes like. If you think about it, brewed coffee has such a huge range of tastes and flavors that are affected by origin, processing, storage, roasting, brewing, etc. so it can be fun to break down what we experience in every cup. Communicating those flavors can be challenging since we all might have different ideas of what “chocolate”, “citrus” or “fruited” tastes like. The same goes for “sugar”. There are so many different sugars that taste different from one another. We thought it would be interesting to taste few side by side so we diluted a bunch of them in water and took some time to taste their sugary differences.

A few days later, our wholesale company, Coffee Shrub, hosted a cupping and included a “sugar cupping” as part of the event. You should try this too and you don’t have to limit yourself to sugars. Try tasting different chocolates, citrus juices, stone fruits, nuts, or anything you think has a range of flavors.

Check out our selection green coffee offerings with sugary notes. We have a lot in stock now with an extensive variety of different types of sweetness.