Sweet Maria’s Emailer 11/30/2018

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El Salvador El Caracol Pacas – Middle roasts yield a balanced coffee, rounded dark sugar sweetness, and cocoa bittersweetness at the perimeter. Look for muted top notes of golden raisin, grape, and glazed orange peel. Good for espresso.

Ethiopia Dry Process Illubabor Dabi – Dabi has cooked fruit and rustic earth notes, flavor accents include dried berry, cantaloupe, musky cherimoya, and canned plums. Bittersweet and earth-toned chocolate at Full City along with big berry character. Good espresso.

Guatemala Hoja Blanca Don Aurelio – The cup is brimming with raw sugar and fruited sweetness, sweet sucanat and turbinado sugars, accents of canned stone fruit, berry, red apple at City+, and Full City yields rich Dutch drinking cocoa too. Good espresso.

Nicaragua Monte Libano Caturra – Compact sweetness and core bittering tones across a wide range of roasts, brown sugar, hints of black walnut and a muted dried fruit note. Mild mannered brightness and cocoa character also make this an espresso option.

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There’s a lot of different cone-type brewers that help you pour hot water through ground coffee. What makes them different from each other? We jotted down three things you should keep in mind.


We are continuing our annual tradition with our 2019 Dogs of Coffee calendar. This year’s calendar features dog photos taken by Tom at coffee growing locations around the globe. The inside back cover is a collage of dogs belonging to our customers and staff. Proceeds go to Bay Area Community Services and Operation Dignity.


Our Cyber Week Sale is still in effect. We have sold out of a few of our sale coffees but many still remain! You can still save 15% on great Ethiopias, Burundis, Nicaraguas and an organic Honduras.



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