Sweet Maria’s Emailer 4/17/2019

Here’s the emailer that we sent on 4/17. If you want to subscribe, sign up on the bottom of our homepage.

Costa Rica Tarrazu Don Mayo Beneficio – Middle roasts show brown rice syrup and black strap molasses, hints of golden raisin and walnut, and acidity has an orange oil quality. At Full City chocolate and sugar flavors are harmonious. Good for espresso.

Papua New Guinea Kainantu Sero – An all around sweet, clean PNG. Syrupy sweet, bubblegum accent, Botan rice candy, orange marmalade aroma, and mild, black tea-like acidity. Wild espresso.

Rwanda Dry Process Ngororero Station – This Rwanda delivers a berry-toned cup; mixed berry jam, strawberry, dried slab apricot, merlot wine, and berry-like acidity. Big chocolate roast tones at the darker end of the roast spectrum.

Rwanda Kivu Kageyo – Equal parts raw sugar sweetness and complex baking spice notes, butter toffee sweetness giving way to clove and cinnamon top notes, candied lemon peel and English Breakfast tea finish. Good for espresso.


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