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If you didn’t notice, we added the first of our new crop Central American offerings of the year this week: Costa Rica “Macho” Arce Caturra.

“The cup has a bright citric acidity and yet balance as well. The light roast has vanilla and refined sugar sweetness with sweet orange notes. Darker roasts have caramel and vanilla, and are a little rummy. The aftertaste is fairly brief, with suggestions of vanilla and hazelnut re-emerging. It’s a bright, lively cup, not overly complex, but very refreshing (if a hot beverage can be characterized as refershing). In darker roasts, the fruits taste more mature and ripe, the brightness has a nice tonality to it.”

Also, here is the stock report as of Friday 4/08/11 (sorry to get this up late, but I did check it against any weekend orders and there are no significant differences on any of the coffees that are getting low).

Guatemala Maravilla Decaf 1056 LBS
Java Sunda Garut 660 LBS
CR Macho Arce 7238 LBS
Colombia Tolima Florestales-Maximino Gutierrez 760 LBS
Ethiopia Nigusie Lemma 5544 LBS
SM El Papuma Decaf 6996 LBS

Really excited to be heading in to the next couple of months with lots of new arrivals coming soon.

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