the stock report-updated

One of the most FAQ’s that we get at shrub is “how much of this and that is there left?”, so I thought that we would try to do a weekly stock report to let you know just that. You can reference the report against the original lot size which you can find on the coffees’ pages to help give you an idea of how things are moving. The count is done on Friday, and I will publish the list Friday evening. Here is the list as of last Friday.

Guatemala Maravilla Decaf 1,400 lbs.
Java Sunda Garut 850 lbs.
Rwanda Remera Nyarusiza 1,320 lbs.
Ethiopia Sidama Bonko 3,690 lbs.
Ethiopia Nigusie Lemma 5,544 lbs.
SM El Papuma Decaf 6,600 lbs.
Papua New Guinea AA Kimel 1,716 lbs.
Colombia Tolima Florestales-Maximino Gutierrez 650 lbs.