There is no place called El Papuma

It is that time of year, when the supply of Central American coffees is very low and it will be a number of weeks before new crop Centrals arrive. Some of this is due to coffees fading, but it is also largely due to supply and demand. We are very fortunate that we sold out of most of our C.A. coffees from this past year, with a few things here and there that needed to be pulled due to developing age notes; as we’ve stated before, even with sound packaging and care a coffee can’t last forever. We did see a number of coffees that were aided by vacuum and GrainPro packaging, still with sweetness, brightness, and delicate floral notes well past 9 months off harvest. But now we are looking at a bit of a wait before new C.A.’s arrive, mid to late April at the earliest.

Fear not, we do have some new non-Central American coffees for you on this very day! After some time, we have a Natural Dry Processed Ethiopia coffee in stock, and a stellar micro-lot offering from Colombia. Also, if you look at the top of the List of Coffees page you will see a “click here” link to the blends offering page where you will find a superb new Decaf offering:

Sweet Maria’s El Papuma SWP Decaf

“The cup has a clear sweetness from light to dark roast levels. Apple and melon fruit hints come through in the lighter roast, with a dark cherry note at Full City. I notice that the sweetness and brightness give this coffee a palate-refreshing effect. The cup has a rather bracing brightness at the lightest roasts (City) but more integrated high notes at City+. The mouthfeel has a syrupy quality but the body is not super thick.”

Treat your Decaf drinking customers right, they deserve a great cup of coffee too.

The other new offerings today:

Ethiopia Dry Process Limu -Nigusie Lemma…

“The dry fragrance explodes with fruit …fill-the-room kind of fruit aromatics. Peach and plum are the dominant fruit notes, with mango as well. It’s flamboyantly sweet, a heady, slightly winey and somewhat rustic sweetness, raw brown sugar, and even a suggestion of beef broth. The break is very sweet, fruited with plum and dry berry, as well as anise, toasted coconut and cocoa powder roast tones. City+ roast is my favorite: The cup is peaches, right off the bat, canned peaches in syrup.”

Colombia Los Galpones -Manuel Santacruz Microlot…

“This coffee is sweet! The dry fragrance has peach hints, and cane sugar sweetness, with concord grape juice appearing in the darker roasts. The wet aroma reveals some balanced spices and a cake-like sweetness … very nice. I roasted samples in a wide range, and really enjoyed the cup from my light City roast to darker Roasted Coffee Pictorial Guide. “>Full City+; it’s a versatile coffee that can take a wide range of roasts.”

Moonrise over El Papuma, a place that does not actually exist.