A Variety of Seven New Arrivals

Oct. 9, 2015

    • Colombia Guintar -Don Mariano – Amazing tropical fruits top notes: passion fruit, mango, and guayaba chews, along with accents of plum and strawberry hard candies, and tart lemon-aid-like acidity. Complex brewed cup.


    • Guatemala Proyecto Xinabajul -Señora MingaBalance of brown sugar/tartaric effervescence, beautifully so, with crisp apple and baking spice notes, maple to corn syrup base sweetness, nougat finish. Wonderful for espresso.


    • Ethiopia Kaffa -Chiri Cooperative – Brown sugar sweetness, with jasmine pearl and barley tea, rose hips, and sweet lemon-like acidity. Dried fruit notes and fantastic body. Good for espresso.


    • Honduras Copan -El Macuelizo “Onan” – Balanced dark sugar and walnut flavors, subtle spice and fruited notes. Sweet fruits boosted at Full City, with a flavor of chocolate fig. Good for espresso.


    • Mexico Org. Oaxaca -Sierra Mixteca Coop -makes an approachable cup, balanced sugar and nut tones, bodied, mild acidity, and a dense cocoa flavor (especially in the Full City range). Great brewed or as espresso.


    • Ethiopia Sidama-Limu SWP Decaf Blend -Syrupy-sweet, cola note, hibiscus flower tea, mildly floral. From light brown sugar to pungent molasses dependent on roast. Berry and cinnamon accents. Great for espresso.


  • Kenya Nyeri Gititu SWP Decaf -Heavy spice, syrupy sweetness, cherry cola, and clove chewing gum -intense decaf! Unique citric brightness is well-integrated. Fruited cocoa in darker roasts.



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