Video: Coffee Leaf Tea – ቁጢ , Kuti, Keti, Koti

Sept. 6, 2019

Tea made from the leaves of the coffee shrub is very  uncommon when compared to the more familiar hot brewed coffee beverage made from good ol’ roasted coffee seeds. In this video Tom attempts to brew tea with dried coffee plant leaves. If you have your own coffee plant, this is something you can try at home.

3 Responses

  1. Learn something new everyday. Been growing coffee trees as a house plants for 30 plus years, and never thought of using the leaves as a tea. I should have known, since many good teas come from leaves of trees, like mate, bay, yaupon, etc.
    All those leaves I threw away, aahh !

    1. Its fun to try some different methods of making tea from coffee leaves – but it is a bit of an acquired taste I think. What I like about using homegrown coffee is I know the variety of coffee…

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