Uganda Coffee Journey: Uganda Go To The Rwenzoris

Here’s some video and commentary from a recent trip to the Western mountains of Uganda’s coffee lands, The Rwenzori range.

Uganda go to the Rwenzoris:
NOTE: I used some commercial music (shouldn’t have!) so they put ads on the video. I didn’t put the ads there. Sorry!

Uganda has generally been looked at as a higher volume producer of East African coffee, and not as a source with the best quality cup. In that way, Kampala is full of large mills from the big multinational coffee export companies.

Small quality-oriented exporters are not here doing their thing, so the encouragement of higher quality from small farm or cooperatives has not been a focus.

Other challenges here are the weather, which can be very wet during the time they need to be drying coffee. This is especially an issue in the Eastern region bordering Kenya, near Mbale town.

The western area of the Rwenzori mountains has good altitude for high quality coffee. But the system of collection of cherry hasn’t been set up for it. And there is not much coffee that is wet-processed from this region.

The dry process coffee is called Drugar in the trade, and I admit the name confused me for years. I thought it was a Ugandan ethnic group that produced coffee in this area. But in fact it is an acronym: DR-UG-AR: DR= Dry Process, UG= Uganda, AR= Arabica !

There are some good varieties of coffee grown here, similar to Kenya it is common to find Scott Lab varieties like SL-28. –Thompson

(This is a 2018 video, updated the article 2020)

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