would you like to buy an O?

Hey all, we have added two new coffees today!

Colombia Organic Tolima – Finca La Coqueta, Jose Zapata is a rare organic (O, get it?) Colombia offering with an extremely limited supply. We are selling this coffee in the 38lb packs that it arrived in.

Guatemala Finca San Diego Buena Vista Bourbon is a classic Guatemala from Acatenango with an incredible body and perfect sweet/bittersweet balance.

We are also moving into a stage 2 of sorts at the shrub. One of our original goals with shrub was to not only create access for small roasters to remarkable coffees, but also to create a marketplace for small lot coffees from specialized projects. Most of our current offerings reflect this, as in our decafs which were coffees that we selected prior to decaffeination and sent out for processing, or in the Ethiopia Organic Guji Sidamo Maduro, a lot constructed from only the ripest fruit. In order to flesh out our early listings we’ve offered some coffees that we felt were exceptional coffees, but weren’t necessarily unique to Coffee Shrub. Most of these coffees have moved off of the list naturally, but this week we will clear out the remainder. On Sat. January 30th, we will remove the Brazil Daterra Farms Sweet Yellow and the Sumatra Mandheling WP Decaf, both coffees that we’re proud to have been able to offer and which have been popular coffees on the list. We are very excited to be moving in this direction and pleased that the shrub continues to grow into a unique and creative green coffee provider.

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