Coffee Feature: Ethiopia Wet Process Guji Oromo

This coffee has a very distinct flavor profile with sweet spice notes, paired with tea, flowers and fruit. Keep your roasts to a fairly tight range of City to City+, since going dark on this coffee seems to obscure it’s prime attributes. From the dry grounds, jasmine-violet floral scents are clear, as well as ginger and dark honey. Light roasts have a graham cracker wet aroma. City+ level has even more violet blossoms, more honey sweetness, maple syrup on pancakes with sweet spice notes of ginger, cinnamon and cardamom….AND gingerbread!  While the cup has a distinct sweetness, it is restrained; not a full, round sweetness. In fact it seems moderated by slightly bracing, tannin tea-like notes (Earl Grey). The body is fairly light, with a waxy mouthfeel and a suggestion of walnut oil. It’s a very aromatic, delicate and distinct cup. It’s not a powerful or aggressive coffee. Over-roast it, or, heaven forbid, add cream to it, and you can kiss that unique character goodbye.

More about Ethiopia WP Guji Oromo.

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