Comings and goings

Today is a big day for the coffee offerings at Shrub. We’ve sold out of three of our best sellers: Sumatra Tarbarita, Ethiopia Maduro, and Guatemala Finca Florencia. But don’t worry, fresh on their heels are a new dry-process Ethiopia going up today and (coming soon) new crop Tarbarita, a new Guat, and another Costa Rica.

For today: We’re putting up the aforementioned DP Ethiopia, the delicious-but-blandly-named Ethiopia Grade 3 DP Yirga Cheffe, a fantastically fruited lot we purchased through the ECX. And, we’re adding a bit of an experimental Shrub coffee: Hawaii Kona – Kowali Farm Typicaa classic Kona coffee in all respects. We’re not sure if Shrub is the right venue for a high-priced coffee like a Kona, but we thought that we’d give it a try and see if there any takers. We’re selling this one in 15 pound packs since the price per pound is higher than normal. Enjoy!