El Salvador Siberia Estate Coffees 2010-2011

We are very happy to be able able to offer to you this year 2 very different coffees from Carmen and Rafael Silva Hoff at Siberia Estate in El Salvador: Siberia Estate Bourbon and Pacamara. We very much try to present coffees to you which can inspire discussion and this is a great opportunity to start a conversation at your roastery or shop about varietal differences. Please take the opportunity to taste these coffees side by side, not only is it an interesting pairing but both are just fantastic coffees.

Siberia Estate Bourbon


The bourbon from Siberia Estate is a classic bourbon profile with remarkable balance and which has a wide range of roast possibilities. The syrupy body supports malt and chocolate sweetness, very big at the front of the palate but with a clean and composed finish. I get cherry cordial notes in the lighter roasts as it cools. At FC, and Roasted Coffee Pictorial Guide. “>FC+, a light Roasted Coffee Pictorial Guide. “>Vienna, the cup has great character, chocolate tonality becoming more intense and bittersweet as the roast darkened, but never becoming flat, ashy or carbony.

Siberia Estate Pacamara


The pacamara coffee from Siberia is loaded with sugary sweetness. I get a slight herbal note in the break, and a violet floral character in the warm cup that becomes a sweeter more delicate floral note as the cup cools. As I said, there is a sugary sweetness, and I get a very prominent Bubble Gum flavor in the lighter roast. I would describe the Bubble Gum as a cross between melon, mango, and cherry. At Full City, the candy sweetness is still there and the body in both the light and darker roasts has a broad or wide character while still being fairly light and clean. There is a tea-like dryness in the finish of the FC roast but also a brown sugar, piecrust note.