Five New Offerings From Colombia, Java and Rwanda

Oct. 2, 2015

  • Colombia Anzá de Antioquia – Guintar – Fresh fruit flavors: mango, passionfruit, wine grapes, ripe fig. Bold, moderate citric-like acidity, and brisk tea notes.
  • Colombia Timaná España y Figueroa – Grape, apple, panela and honey. Florals, spice accents emerge and the sweetness hangs on. Good for espresso.
  • Java Sunda – Guning Pairigi – Sorghum, molasses, roasted almond and sweet tarragon. Clarity, cleanliness, flavors like apple and cinnamon make this unique. Good for espresso.
  • Rwanda Karenge Coffee Villages – Sweet and bright, refined clean finish. Dark honey, dried fruits, and array of baking spices. Bittersweet cocoa in darker roasts. Great for espresso.
  • Rwanda Rulindo – Tumba Station – Candy sweet, pineapple, mango, grape, orange, cherry jolly rancher! A long, sweet finish, mix of spices and freesia-like floral note. A beautiful cup.


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