A Special Holiday Sale On Six Delicious Green Coffees

Our guide to navigating this limited holiday sale on six delicious green coffees

Tis the season for a holiday sale!

We’re channeling the holiday spirit by marking down six delectable coffees that offer a broad range of flavor characteristics from different coffee origins. Cup quality was the criteria in choosing these six, and with a discount as our spotlight, we’d like to call attention to their greatness! It also helps that their slightly larger volumes means they are likely to stay in stock for the life of the sale.

Instead of making you comb through each review, we’re providing an overview below of our recent cupping of this set to help you navigate the range of flavors they offer at a glance. These notes are based off a single roast level, so be sure to check out the full reviews for our expanded notes on how they taste with different roast treatments.

Visit our “DEALS” page to see the expanded reviews and ordering information.

This holiday sale runs through December 31st or until we run out of stock!

Nicaragua Los Altiplanos Java CultivarThis coffee is sweet, no doubt about it. But it also offers moderate complexity in the lighter roast levels too. Even at C+, I get these subtle tea and herbal accents that offer a nice twist on the crowd pleasing sweetness!
El Salvador Comasagua San AntonioThis is a “daily drinker” type coffee, bittersweet and balanced, and sure to garner wide appeal. Big body and mild acidity are strengths in that regard. At City+ the cup proffers a delicious flavor note of toffee almond, molasses, and reverberant cocoa bittersweets. It also gets a resounding ‘YES’ to espresso use!
Ethiopia Kayon Mountain TaarooTaaroo sure stand out on a table of coffees! The flavor profile is delicate and bright, with perfumed jasmine and rue herbal aromatics that add so much depth of flavor. This is the perfect ‘special’ cup profile to enjoy over the holidays. It shows how unique the coffees from Ethiopia can be, and should surprise those who think coffee flavors are monosyllabic.
Ethiopia Nensebo RefisaLike Taaroo, Refisa also carries an array of delicate floral and tea-like flavors, and consistently tops our list of favorite Sidama coffees. It also has a tangy citrus accent that helps set it apart from Taaroo. Not “better”, just different! Between the two of them, it’s a great opportunity to get your hands on two top-tier Ethiopia’s at very a nice price.
Kiambu Fram Farm ABKenya’s command some of our highest scores, and demand puts them at a high premium as well. With that in mind, we wanted to be sure to discount at least one from our list. This AB lot shows incredible fruit flavors for a wet process coffee, berry and sweet citrus topped our notes, the latter underscoring an already bright acidic impression. Fram Farm is also planted 100% in the highly coveted SL-28 cultivar, so this is a good chance to see what all the fuss is about.
Zambia Mafinga PeaberryOne thing I really like about this coffee is the mix of sweetness and hefty chocolate roast flavors. ‘Bitter’ has to be balanced by ‘sweet’, a combination that Mafinga really nails in the medium roasts. Chewy chocolate taffy, black strap molasses, and a mild acidic impression that doesn’t get in the way.

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