Podcast: Indonesian Coffee with Coffee Trader, Daniel Shewmaker (Podcast Ep. 17)

High quality conversation about Indonesian coffee flavors and their place in the world of coffee. Low quality sound though … 🙁

Aug. 28, 2017

This starts with music buy the Indo pop group The Steps, and ends with a long informative conversation with Daniel Shewmaker of MTC coffee traders, who sources coffee in Indonesia.

He also grew up in Sulawesi and speaks Bahasa! While in Timor and Flores we were having good conversations about Indonesia coffee processing and quality, and the way it relates (or doesn’t) to current coffee trade trends. So I wanted to capture some of that in a recording.

Sadly, it’s probably the worst recording I have made, with wind noise, vehicles, dogs, pigs and airplane noise. But still I wanted to share it, because I feel there’s some good information here. Plus, everyone keeps telling me to post more recordings. So here it is, for better or worse.  -Tom

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