New: Ethiopia Org WP Uraga Layo Teraga, Guat Bourbon -Finca San Diego, Costa Rica Helsar Macho Arce

Tasty new arrivals: Ethiopia FTO Wet Process Uraga Layo Teraga, Guatemala Bourbon -Finca San Diego Buena Vista, and Costa Rica Helsar Caturra – Macho Arce. The Ethiopia FTO Wet Process Uraga Layo Teraga is great mix of rounded fruit flavors and muted acidity. Look for a flavor shift from graham cracker to cocoa if you roast darker and an almond taste when it cools. The Guatemala Bourbon Buena Vista will be familiar to some. This Acatenango coffee has vanilla and caramel fading into a bittersweet finish. Very interesting at all levels of roast including SO espresso. Lastly we have the Costa Rica Helsar Macho Arce, … a classic central with clean bright orange notes, hazelnut and a smooth body. Check out specific farm notes and flavor reviews at the links above.

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