Roast Coffee Pairing #65: El Salvador Finca Siberia Bourbon & Panama Las Flores de Boquete

This week’s pairing features two Central American coffees.  El Salvador Finca Siberia Bourbon is from one of our favorite farms and is an amazingly clean and sweet cup.  I kept the roast on the lighter side even though this coffee is great at a wide range of roast levels.  This City+ roast highlights the citrus notes, final temperature of 425 degrees, roast time 14:30.  Panama Las Flores de Boquete is a bit wilder with more bittersweet chocolate to compliment apricot hints.  Roasted to Full City with final temperature of 431 degrees, roast time 15:00.  This is a great pairing to explore the subtle differences among Central American coffees.  Panama Boquete does have a few quakers so feel free to cull those out before brewing to mellow out some of the wildness and perhaps sweeten the cup a touch.

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