Six New Offerings!

Happy Rash Wednesday! We’re breaking out big time with six awesome new additions! Costa Rica La Legua Bourbon, Nicaragua Mozonte -Un Regalo de Dios, Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Dumerso Cooperative, Kenya Nyeri Kagumo-ini, Espresso Workshop #18 – Hypno-Tiki, and Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe-Shakiso SWP Decaf. Today’s additions include some new faces along with some familiar favorites. First up is Costa Rica La Legua Bourbon a classic bourbon with malty sweetness and dense, creamy body. Nicaragua Mozonte -Un Regalo de Dios is similar to a lot we had last year with cinnamon stick spice, hints of wildflower, and herbal tea notes. Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Dumerso Cooperative is a Yirg with a bit of a different flavor profile: winey fruit notes, tenor tone and a big, tangy finish. Kenya Nyeri Kagumo-ini is a “fruit salad” cup with light brown sugar caramelized notes and a rindy finish. Espresso Workshop #18 – Hypno-Tiki will put a spell on you with bracing brightness, pink grapefruit, and jammy berry notes along with chocolate from start to finish. And last, but definitely not least, Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe-Shakiso SWP Decaf is another of our special decaf lots that was created by sending off two of our best Ethiopian lots for decaffeination, the result is a balanced cup with honey and caramel sweetness and a whiff of graham cracker. Hope you don’t mind this rash of new offerings!