Six Special Coffees!

Wow – Six special coffees today! Rwanda FT Duhingekawa Woman’s Cooperative, Kenya Nyeri Tegu AB, Guatemala Acatenango Gesha, Papua New Guinea AA Sigri Plantation, Brazil Dry Process Bahia Chapada Diamantina, and Colombia Tolima -Jose Ider Zapata Microlot.

Where to start? First, the Rwanda FT Duhinekawa Women’s Cooperative is back with a cup that blends the floral notes of a Yirga Cheffe and the brightness of a Kenya. The Kenyi Nyeri Tegu AB is one of Tom’s favorite Kenyas of the season, bright and intense. The Guatemala Acatenango Gesha is classic Gesha all the way, jasmine, jasmine, jasmine. The Papua New Guinea AA Sigri Plantation is a wet-processed Indonesian cup, much cleaner than others from this origin. The Brazil Dry Process Bahia Chapada Diamantina is a versatile coffee with tons of body and chocolate, typical of Brazils. The Colombia Tolima – Jose Ider Zapata Microlot is a very limited micro-lot (1 lb. only per order) from the same area of Tolima as our other Colombian coffees; it has balanced chocolate and caramel apple sweetness.