Six under Six – March 2020

Mar. 5, 2020

Our coffee list is pretty extensive and it’s easy to get caught up in window shopping the expensive coffees, wondering if they are worth the price tag. Well, it doesn’t always work like that. Even though the price of a coffee can measure how much work it took to get it to your mailbox from origin, it doesn’t always measure how much you are going to enjoy it. We always ask our customers to read the descriptions of the coffee we sell so they can get an idea of how much they will enjoy it. Who knows, you might prefer the chocolate peanut notes of inexpensive Brazils over the candied floral notes of an expensive Gesha. With that said, here’s six under six bucks. Oh, and which ones are good for both espresso and drip? All of them!


Peru Huabal San FranciscoPungent toasted sugars, cacao bar, baking cocoa with fruited notes hinting at dried apple and golden raising when roasted light. Holds up extremely well to darker roasting too (BIG chocolate flavors). Good espresso.   $5.95/lb

Brazil Dry Process Fazenda Agua Limpia – Burned brown sugars, baking cocoa, nutty accents of almond and peanut, fruited hint, cheap chocolate in the finish.  Good for espresso.   $5.30/lb

Rwanda Nyamasheke Mutovu – Aromatic butterscotch sweetness, vanilla-caramels, accents of peach and Earl Grey tea and a smattering of baking spices. Dark cacao bar at Full City (and beyond).  Good for espresso.   $5.95/lb

El Salvador Ataco Finca Villa Maria Bourbon – Villa Maria holds a balanced center into 2nd snaps. Equal parts sweet and bittering, raw sugars, semi-sweet chocolate chips and baking cocoa.  Good espresso.    $5.70/lb

Burundi Mutambu Colline Migoti – Sparkling acidity shines through a foundation of chocolate and dark sugars, with accents of lemon grass tea, semi-sweet chocolate and cocoa-covered raisins.  Good for espresso.   $5.90/lb

Nicaragua Acopio Suyatal – Layers of bittersweet cocoa and brown sugar, a hazelnut accent and walnut finishing flavor. Dark roasts have a flavor of chocolate walnut brownie.  Good for espresso.   $5.85/lb

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