Six under Six – July 2019

July 19, 2019

We offer a lot of coffee and it all ranges in price. The price differences in coffee are determined by a lot of factors that have a lot to do with logistics and processing starting from when the coffee plants are grown at the farm. A higher price doesn’t always mean that you will like it more.

This is why we think it’s important to read our descriptions when deciding what coffees to purchase. Trust your taste buds and order what sounds tasty to you. You’ll notice that there are a lot of coffees with the same price with different flavor profiles.

With that said, here are some great coffees all priced under six dollars. A low price doesn’t mean a compromise in quality. We have high standards that we stand by as we continue to source well-priced coffees. This way the farmer gets paid a premium and your cup is still delicious.


Brazil Dry Process Sitio Sr. Niquinho – $5.35 / Lb.

Full City roasts produce chocolate-covered nut character in the brewed coffee, balanced bittersweetness, mirky fruited accent, and soft green tea-like vibrance. Good for espresso.

Nicaragua Buenos Aires Mill -Los Pinos – $5.35 / Lb.

Los Pinos is a crowd pleasing cup: big body, mild acidity, and lasting bittersweetness. Full City finds a nice interplay between layered sugars, nut notes and bittersweet roast tones.  Good for espresso and blending.

Honduras Ruta del Cafe – $5.50 / Lb.

Flavors of raw sugar, cinnamon powder, shades of bittersweet chocolate and soft but present acidity that comes off like apple or pear.  Good espresso.

Peru Jaén Granjeros de Huabal – $5.75 / Lb.

Crowd pleasing, balance of unrefined sugars, mild bittering tones and soft apple-like acidity. Notes of semi-sweet chocolate chip, almond paste, and hazelnut spread.  Good for espresso.

Timor Leste Goulala Village – $5.85 / Lb.

Goulala has a sweet cup character, butter cream frosting and mild bittering bass notes are illuminated by tart goji berry and lemon rind, and an almond meal finishing note.

Brazil Don Jose Maria Yellow Catuai – $5.70 / Lb.

A mixture of rustic fruit and nut flavors are central to this dry process coffee, blackberry wine and berry pulp, earth-toned cacao, Brazil nut, strawberry milk.

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