Sunda and Lightning

Java Sunda Garut makes it’s debut today on shrub. These are the results of the first year of this project in the oldest coffee growing region of West Java. It’s a lovely coffee, very sweet with lots of cocoa and raisin on the finish.

Java Sunda Garut

“This coffee is distinct from other Indonesias, and from the usual West Java coffees. The aromatics are almondy in the light roasts, with a more chocolate dry fragrance at Full City roast level. The wet aroma has plum and raisin fruit accents in the lighter roasts, and more of that bittersweet chocolate as the roast approaches second crack. The coffee has a very nice floral hibiscus note on the break. Light roasts have this nice floral and fruit brightness, hibiscus-honeysuckle and a general “fruit punch” suggestion.”

I still have some Yemen Ismaili left here on shrub mountain, I might play around with some mokha-java espresso, I’ll let you know.

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