Sweet Maria’s Emailer 10/5/2018

Here’s the emailer that we sent on 10/5. If you want to subscribe, sign up on the bottom of our homepage.

Kenya Kiambu Japem AB – Citric acidity at City and City+, a dried citrus peel and cardamom aroma, notes of orange marmalade, lychee, and dried papaya. Toasted graham and aromatic wood finish.

Kenya Kiambu Mandela Estate Peaberry – A top tier Kenya, citrus and brown sugar aromatics, Meyer lemon florals, orange juice, black currant, and cherimoy. Acidic impressions are like black tea with lemon juice, and blueberry skins.

Mexico FTO Vega del Rosario Don Rolfi – Sweet aspects of sucanat and date sugar, with fruited notes revealed once cool. Dried coconut, banana chips, and an overripe berry accent. Big chocolate roast flavors with darker roasting.

Honduras Buenos Aires Lote Mendez – Balanced interplay of bittering and sweet coffee qualities, restrained burned sugar sweetness, and roasted cacao nibs. Mouthfeel weighty and dense, making for a pleasant texture on the palate. Good for espresso.

Costa Rica Dota El Conquistador – Chocolatey aspects at a wide roast range, milk chocolate, semi-sweet, baker’s cocoa. Lightly fruited in middle roasts, silky body, and well integrated acidity. Good for espresso.

Guatemala Gesha Malawi “Process Batch 2” Sample Set – A sampling of two different process batches of Gesha Malawi, a unique cultivar that’s been transplanted to a Guatemalan farm in small amounts. Four different pairs in all and at roughly 100 of each pair, we’ll be moving through these limited process batches one sample set at a time.

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If you weren’t able to watch the live stream of our recent FreshRoast SR500 and SR700 class you can watch the re-run. We roasted coffee with both of them and talked about the differences between the two machines.


The Aillio Bullet R1 is an awesome machine that takes orders from your laptop. The good news for Mac users is that Aillio just released a non-beta version for Mac computers. Tom recently shot a quick video to show it in action.


We had new postcards printed and are starting to include them in all outgoing orders. We are focusing on Quakers this time around. If you are ordering something from us soon, keep an eye out for one of these in your box.