Sweet Maria’s Emailer 1/18/2019

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Congo Umoja Wetu – City/C+ roasts are very sweet, a cup marked by a complex smattering of cardamom, clove, and a cinnamon spice notes, along with dried fruited accents, and tea-like acidic impression.

Guatemala Jilotepeque Concepcion Buena Vista – Buena Vista has the makings of a classic-toned espresso, and crowd pleasing coffee, hefty chocolate favors like flourless torte, and cocoa powder-dusted nuts, with big body and mild acidity. Good for espresso

Guatemala Proyecto Xinabajul Bojonalito – A demurara-like raw sugar sweetness underscores subtle top notes of dried apple, raisin, and a mild black tea flavor. Robust chocolate character at Full City with dark fruited accents. Good for espresso.

Honduras Organic Granjeros de Corquín – A solid brown sugar backing keeps pungent cocoa roast tone from overpowering the cup, a bittersweet core characteristic that resonates in the aftertaste. A crowd pleaser that’s conducive to milk drinks. Good for espresso.

Sumatra Giling Basah Kerinci – City+ has intense aroma, earthy peat, interplay of sweet molasses, palm sugars and bittering raw cacao nibs and carob, and a Yerba Mate note in the finish. Rustic chocolate and immense body in darker roasts. Good espresso.

Timor Leste Goulala Village – Goulala has a sweet cup character, butter cream frosting and mild bittering bass notes are illuminated by tart goji berry and lemon rind, and an almond meal finishing note.

Flores Wolo Bobo – City+ and Full City roasts coax a blend of savory and sweet notes like sucanat sugar and roasted grain, with a mild cocoa powder underlay, and finishing accents of buckwheat tea and cinnamon.

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