Sweet Maria’s Emailer 4/5/2019

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Ethiopia Uraga Hana Asrat Tilhun – This Uraga coffee presents refined sugar sweetness with perfumed floral notes showing, and fruited aspects of meyer lemon, flame grape, and blueberry depending on how developed your roasts are.

Flores Laga Lizu Gnung Waja Mala – Waja Mala has a bran muffin aspect in aroma, with flavors of turbinado sugar, walnut, raisin and the bittersweetness of flourless chocolate torte.

Colombia Nariño Vereda Alto Naranjal – A sweet sugary undercurrent becomes enmeshed with high % cacao bar bittersweetness. The cup flavors bear resemblance to cane juice, caramel, and accents of dark berry and citrus zest.

Colombia Nariño Rio Juanambú – A crowd pleasing cup at a wide roast range. Buttery toffee, caramel coated almond, coffee cake crumble, loads of bittersweet cocoa, and an apple/malic impression. Good for espresso.

Guatemala Huehuetenango Rosma Maragogype – This lot separation from Finca Rosma has a foundation of cane sugar sweetness, pecan pie aromatics, mild fruit tea and hibiscus hints, and a nice clean finish.

Guatemala Xinabajul Familia Castillo – A versatile coffee, dark sugar sweetness, black walnut and pistachio, cocoa powder, dried peach, and a black tea-like mouthfeel. Rich cocoa flavors with deeper roasting. Good for espresso.

Ethiopia Western Cooperatives SWP Decaf – On a table of decafs this coffee’s origin is easy to pinpoint. Caramel and dehydrated berry, malted sweet bread, dried stone fruit, and subtle tartness.

The Baratza Virtuoso is a conical burr grinder with a lot versatility meaning it can be used effectively for both drip and espresso. It has a commercial grade 40mm conical burr set that grinds fast without a fast rpm. Baratza is releasing a new Virtuoso in a few months so now is a good time to scoop one of these up at a low price of $189 (original price was $229).


We put together a few coffee classes that will take place at our warehouse. You can sign up for our Roasting Intro, Espresso or Brewing events.

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