Sweet Maria’s Staff Picks: Featuring Byron

Our staff takes turns sharing their favorite coffees from our current offerings list

Hello. I’m Byron, Sweet Maria’s marketing manager. I tend to our social media accounts, put together emailers, shoot photos and help out with behind-the-scenes website adjustments. I’ve been with Sweet Maria’s since 2010 and since then have developed a deep appreciation for how  coffee can have such a universe of flavors. 

Byron staff picks
Me and my life coach, Lance

Fun fact: I have a coffee plant (I can’t call it a shrub) grown from a seed that Tom brought back from origin a few years ago. It’s been through a lot and looks like it’s dying in the photo. Sad, huh? I’m probably the worst plant dad and am totally undeserving of it’s companionship, but I’m working on it and my plant is actually healthier than it was a while ago. Two summers ago, it was down to one leaf and since then has fought hard to recover. It’s resilience and ability to fight back against my negligence has inspired me to take better care of it. 

Undergrown coffee shrub
On the rebound. Shrub goals.

I love exciting, bright, bracing coffees. I’ll always order them at a cafe if I have a choice but when it comes to daily drinking, I prefer to roast/drink coffees with mellow, chocolate, caramel and nutty notes that could be considered boring or basic in comparison to our more attention grabbing offerings. 

Behmor roastetr
Keep your Behmor clean and it will last a loooong time.

I roasted all of my picks with a very old Behmor modded with an upgrade panel, allowing me to use manual mode. All my selections were brewed with an even older Aeropress and sipped from a mug that’s probably older than the Aeropress. By the way, if you want all these coffee in a convenient bundle, order our Staff Picks Sample Set.

Brazil Dry Process Cerrado Enivaldo

This Brazil is mellow and will be great for folks searching for a blend base or a coffee without the drama of too many top notes. I tasted hazelnut, walnut and pecan along with graham cracker and dusty cocoa powder notes in the finish

Colombia Organic Hacienda La Pradera

I screwed up and roasted this one darker than what I was shooting for and it still came out really good. I ended up with toasty, burnt sugar and chocolate notes. There were hints of caramel apple and cooked fruit in there too. 

Timor Leste Lekisala

This is a good coffee to roast for your “I just want it to taste like coffee” friends. It has a nice chocolate breakfast cereal flavor along with brown sugar. Stay with me here but you know when the edges of a cinnamon roll’s filling get toasted and crispy? Well I’m pretty sure I tasted that flavor too. 

Guatemala Organic Aldea San Juan

This Guatemala reminded me of those dark chocolate bars with fruit flavors that I hated as a kid but have grown to like as an adult. Look out for serious high percent dark chocolate notes complete with the high percent bitterness. It has a medium body, some OJ acidity and smells like cherry cola.

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation of the Timor Leste Lekisala. I just tried it today at Full City+ as an espresso and it was excellent. Right now I am trying it at City+ish out of the Clever Dripper and enjoying it this way as well. These staff picks, along with the samplers I got with my initial order have been super helpful, in that I have gotten to try coffees I probably would have overlooked if I were picking them all based on the cupping notes and graphs. This one is an excellent example of that, as is the Burundi Kazoza N’Ikawa Coop Lot 2 that came in my sampler. Both have been wonderful surprises and have now opened my eyes to coffees from those respective origins!

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