The Hits just Keep on Comin’

We’ve got brand new jams from Costa Rica and El Salvador comin’ at you on the rock block this hour for all your drive-time dreams.

Costa Rica Los Manantiales Fidel

“There is an abundance of cocoa powder and cane sugar in the dry fragrance, with red apple fruit notes. It’s a rather bold juicy scent, and along with apple there is white grape, and a bit of tangerine in there. The wet aroma has the same juicy fruited notes, sweet and also marked by a caramelized sugar-browning sweetness. On the break, a very floral honey scent emerges. The cup is outstanding; bright and lively acidity gives a refreshing effect, and hibiscus floral notes come through, especially as the cup temperature drops. There is a Turbinado sugar sweetness (raw sugar-like, but not rustic sugar like Muscavado). Apple tastes are evident when the cup is hot, changing more toward Peach tea flavor in the cooling coffee.”


El Salvador Siberia Estate Bourbon

“t’s a versatile coffee, which works well in espresso and drip type brewing. I did a very light City roast and the cup was lemony, sweet, zingy, mildly floral. I did a City + roast that had creamy nut tones with ripe orange underneath, and a cinnamon accent. I did a FC, and Roasted Coffee Pictorial Guide. “>FC+, a light Roasted Coffee Pictorial Guide. “>Vienna, and with each the cup had great character, chocolate tonality becoming more intense and bittersweet as the roast darkened, but never becoming flat, ashy or carbony. The wet aroma has a hoppy floral note and some malt sweetness in the light roasts, like a mild IPA brew. I highly recommend this lot for espresso”

Dig it!