Timemore Manual Coffee Grinder

We started carrying this improbably named Timemore hand grinder … it fact it’s pretty time-less, meaning it takes less time to grind coffee!

I had been using a Timemore manual coffee grinder for several months before we actually ordered them for Sweet Maria’s. During that time, I had a few problems with my electric grinder (the Sette) … and just started grinding everything with the Timemore!

The effort it takes to grind coffee, in particular the more dense, hard light roasts I prefer, was so much less than expected. And it took less time than hand grinders of yore. But the biggest thing I liked is it was QUIET! Electric grinders are so loud generally, and I always felt guilty turning it on when people were sleeping. Guilty no more.

I am not saying a hand grinder, even the Timemore, takes no effort or time. You still have to earn it! But with the ergonomics of this mill, the nice sharp stainless steel burrs, the smooth dual ball bearing support for the grind shaft, and the excellent grippy aluminum body, it is so much less effort than previous generations of hand grinders.

The Timemore hand coffee mill is a good value, produces quality grind for espresso and pour-over, and doesn’t take Charles Atlas muscles to use! This mill makes 25g for my pour-over in little time. Actually, I manage to eke out 30 grams because it is less-voluminous lighter roast. Dark roasts will be 20-25 depending on bean type. This video details some of the features of this mill, how to adjust the grind setting, and a very anecdotal comparison of grind quality with a low cost hand grinder, the rhinoware.

Timemore hand grinder for coffee, a quick video of features

The Sweet Maria’s product link for the Timemore Hand Grinder is: https://www.sweetmarias.com/timemore-manual-coffee-grinder.html

Timemore Grinder Features and Specs:

  • Aluminum body
  • CNC-cut stainless burrs with HRC55-58 hardness
  • Plastic handle knob, lid top.
  • (All stressed parts are metal-on-metal)
  • 52 mm diameter body
  • Height with handle is 155 mm
  • Weight is 472 grams
  • Handle is 145 mm
  • 25-30 grams capacity, depending on roast
  • Textured surface to increase grip.
  • Model: “Chestnut C2”
  • Comes with cleaning brush and travel pouch.

How to adjust the Timemore. (Also see the video above for a demonstration). 

Adjustment is easy! The mill has 30 adjustment levels, and for pour-over drip coffee brewing I use “22”. Setting the mill is easy when the hopper is empty and the burrs are clean. Unscrew and remove the bottom grind compartment so you can see the burr adjustment . While holding the handle from the top end, turn in burr adjustment in the direction of the “Fine” arrow (clockwise) until it resists. The burrs should be locked up, set so fine they can’t turn.  Now, holding the crank handle so it doesn’t move, turn the adjustment dial in the direction of the “Coarse” arrow 22 clicks. Each full rotation is 12 clicks. I usually turn in 2 full rotations of 360, then clockwise 2 clicks. That’s 22! 

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