Ah Geez! Newly Newz Shrubzzz

So long to Soledad, thanks for the memories. But fear not, shrubbers, for we have two new offerings up right… now!

Guatemala La Esmeralda Yellow Bourbon


“The cup has a brilliant acidity (brightness), clean almond hazelnut roast tone and cocoa in the finish. The sweetness is simply stunning, and has a cane sugar flavor, and the bright notes keep the cup lively as the temperature dips. As it cools the body seems syrupy, and this pairs well with the sweetness and nutty roast tones. It’s a classic Central coffee from a classic cultivar.”

& a new arrival of a favorite from last year

El Salvador La Montañita Pacamara


“The cup is really outstanding! The dry fragrance from the grounds has sweet molasses and caramel syrup, aromatic wood, raisin, dried plum, malt. Adding hot water, the wet aromatics have a lot of spice, cinnamon stick in particular, but there are also lush floral aspects, tropical fruits and strawberry jam on the break. The cup has strong fruit-forward character from hot to cool, intensifying as the coffee looses temperature. It’s a very juicy cup, with strawberry-rhubarb, raspberry and crisp apple cider flavors. There is a hibiscus floral note as well. ”

Don’t sleep on z’s