An Overview of New Crop Rwandas and Our 1-Click Trio Coffee Set.

Our first Rwanda’s are now available with a whole lot more on the way.

Fresh Rwandan coffee’s are finally in, and we’ve just listed the first three lots to our website. These can be ordered by clicking the links below, or grab all three in our 1-Click Rwanda Trio coffee set.

While Rwandan coffees can taste quite different – as these first three demonstrate – the 100% Bourbon variety stock means a high potential for sweetness. While it may be accurate description, simply describing them as “sweet” would be a disservice as there is a lot more going on in the cups of this initial trio.

Our Rwandan coffees earn some of the highest scores on our list, and it’s a wonder we don’t see more used in coffee competitions. Some pair Kenya brightness with tempering sweetness, while others are well balanced and bittersweet in the vein of our finest Guatemalan coffees. With 24 lots between two shipping containers, I can tell you that the roster in store covers a lot of ground!

We’re putting our best foot forward with classic wet process lots from three of washing stations that are super stars in our lineup each year; Tumba, Gitesi and Gitwe. Flavors range from syrupy raw sugars, to fruited hints, to aromatic spice and tea notes that we often associate with Rwandan coffee (and neighboring Burundi too…but those are still a few weeks away).

Sorting out defects while wet parchment drip-dries on Gitesi's skin drying tables.
Sorting out defects while wet parchment drip-dries on Gitesi’s skin drying tables.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s in store from each of these highly prized coffees, with links to full reviews, and resources in our library specific to Rwanda. Or save yourself the difficult decision and buy all three in our 1-Click Rwanda Trio set.

Rwanda Karongi Gitesi (or here for Coffee Shrub): We’ve been a buyer of Gitesi for over a decade now, and it’s routinely one of our more elegant Rwandan coffees. The organization and cleanliness maintained at Gitesi is impressive, which you can see for yourself in Tom’s video and podcast from a 2014 site visit – Gitesi Podcast and processing video. The cup – Impressive base sweetness marked by Darjeeling spiced tea, black currant, and a hint of lemon adds to the overall acidic impression. Elegant as pour over, and yields spiced chocolate as espresso.

Rwanda Rulindo Tumba (or here for Coffee Shrub): Tumba stands out to me as having a little more fruit than the others, as well as heft in both body and bittersweetness if roasted a little darker. Tom included a few recent photos from his July 2022 trip as part of a photo travelogue of his first visit back since the pandemic – Rwanda: Getting Back to the Coffee Lands (audio version available too). The cup – Abundant sweetness accented by hints of pomegranate, berry tea, dried tamarind, and a brisk note of black tea with lemon. Bittersweet chocolate with a note of Dr. Pepper when roasted dark.

Rwanda Nyamasheke Gitwe (or here for Coffee Shrub): The Gitwe station came on our radar a little more recently than others, but long enough to have seen the improvements each year. Tom made a great video of coffee being processed at the Gitwe site a few years back that offers a view into a day at Gitwe during the harvest season, and also serves as a nice introduction to Rwandan coffee production in general. The cup – Fragrant baking spice notes add a delicate touch to the light roasts of Gitwe, with transparent sweetness, black tea, dried apple, lemon brightness, and an aromatic Assam tea note in the aftertaste.

Take home all three coffees with our 1-Click Rwanda Trio coffee set.

For a more detailed look at coffee production and different coffee regions, check out our Rwanda Coffee Overview.

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