Great Assortment of New Lots

Today I am listing a great assortment of new lots.

  • Perhaps the most unusual is Costa Rica RIP Red Honey Coffee. RIP? Roasted In Parchment. This coffee has not been dry-milled, the green bean is still in the outer shell. In perhaps the wackyest moment in Sweet Maria’s history, we discovered you can roast coffee in the parchment shell, and it has a very unusual flavor. This is for experts only, since you can’t really see the green coffee as it turns brown. See the review and the pictures of the RIP process.
  • Not quite as “out there” is our new lot of Kenya Thika Chania –
    French Mission Cultivar
    . This is a coffee lot from the original French Bourbon varietal as it was brought to Kenya by French priests in 1893, and it as a unique cup character.
  • Some will think I have gone to “the dark side” by offering a Hawaii coffee that is not a small-farm Kona. But we found the Ka’u coffees from south of Kona on the Big Island have greatly improved in recent years, none more than Hawaii Ka’u Wet-Process -Will & Grace Farm. We also got some miniscule lots from them of hand-processed Ka’u Dry-Process and Pulp Natural NanoLot coffees. Yes, NanoLots. Sub-MicroLots. Read the commentary for these…
  • For those who must have monsooned coffee in their espresso blend, we have a fine new lot of India Monsooned Malabar AA
  • Our Classic Mandheling is gone but we have a really good, traditional Grade One Lot to back it up: Sumatra Gr. 1 Mandheling. The preparation isn’t pretty, but the cup has true Mandheling origin character.
  • And we have a nice lot of Sumatra Mandheling WP Decaf that scores quite well alongside it’s non-decaf counterpart.
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