kenyas and konas kupping

I wasn’t kidding … I am going to start using this blog for real certified blogging chatter. Now is your chance to unsubscribe, to cancel your RSS, to bail out. Anyway, I recupped the very first Main Crop Auction Lot Kenyas today, with mixed results. I am always suspicious about early offerings. They tend to be from lower altitudes. But I was impressed how many Nyeri region lots there were. Familiar names were Karagoto, Kagumoini, Kieni and .. ugh… Deep River. What’s with that? Not too sad about the fact that Deep River ended up with my lowest score. I would be embarrassed if that name made our offer list. There were nice lots, but nothing I felt I absolutely “must have” so we didn’t enter any prices into the auction. There’s always next week, and the next, and the next. Also was cupping Kona arrivals today, that should be on the list next week. Skip and Rita Cowell are tops again: Kowali Farm is really excellent. My City+ roast was so floral and sweet. Really sweet, delicate and sweet. The new offering from Lehuula farm came in really nice too, very happy with it. Lehuula was a finalist in the Kona Competition this year too (Kowali won 1st place in the so-called “larger farms” category). Moki’s is cupping really well too, and we should have that later. Roger (Moki’s) made the finals as well this year. Also cupped some unrequested samples: a Papua New Guinea from a Bahai faith community grown at 400 meters! Groan … And a Laos coffee that has some promise, but not right now and that’s for sure. It’s from a whopping 800 meters but cupped really baggy. Trying to get time to work on the new “coffee glossary” database (more on that later). But I am on Dad duty with Ben now, so everything comes to a halt! -Tom

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