Nicaragua Cup of Excellence 2006

This was my third time on the jury for the Nicaragua Cup of Excellence, held in the town of Granada, Nicaragua.

A trip to the Nicaragua Cup of Excellence competition from way back in 2006!

Nicaragua Cup of Excellence 2006
Okay, that was tacky of me to slip our logo in there… Nicaragua

Please take a peek at my 3 pages of “snapshots” (not “photographs”) and you will see what i mean.

Nicaragua Cup of Excellence 2006 Scoring and Cupping Comments
round 1 session 1my scoreest. averagedescription
18382.56sweet and clean but never came together for me
27983.96peanut oily, something rough
39087.24berry, bright, clean blueberry
48585.14cinnamon spice
58585.5a little dry in the finish, but bright and citric
68886.07citric, bright nice
77683.38thin watery flat oily
87684.03thing flat ugh
98085.93average, not coe
107681.7peanut, ugh
81.884.551my initial impressions off – coffees cooled differently
round 1 session 2my scoreest. averagedescription
18583.97herbal notes, apricot – up and down, unsweet
28083.65inconsistent cups, a little vinegar
38786.12acidity, lots, but trouble with finding flavors
48182.51inspid, average
58283.36milk choc, doesn�t add up, a bit drying
68586.75herbal, bright, creamy
78683.86sweet, sweet finish
88684.44odd finish, some floral
98283.59sweet but hint of astringent, drying, salty
107683.32fermenty, borderline defective
round 1 session 3my scoreest. averagedescription
19085.87bakers chocolate, apricot
38284.17almond skin, unsweet
49085.7transparent, apricot, cream, liquor
57679.13musty, tea-like tightness, bitter dirt
68985.4silky creamy toasted almond, hersheys cocoa syrup
77682.57hazelnut, improving as it cooled, then tanked
88483.1juicy, a it dry in the finish, becoming average
98285.14improving as it cools, nut and choco, then so-so
108384oily, slickery, not high flavor attributes
round 1 session 4my scoreest. averagedescription
17684.3tangy, old drying
28282.62average, unclear, fuzzy
38483.2caramel sweet body, pungent
48786.5sweet, transparent
58684.54tight pungent intense syrupy
68185.9plain, peanuts, then winey, fermenty
78483.19bittersweet, flattening as it cools
88085.04thin, average, dirt syrup
98584.5body, spiced, butter
round 1 session 5my scoreest. averagedescription
17879.2bittering finish, just doesn’t add up to much, dirty?
29185.64delicate melon, cream, herbal, mint, sweet fruited
38383.63smoked, inconsistent
47984.96gritty texture, choco – not that bad flavor
58284.55lacking sweetness
68684.93nutty, creamy, oily,
77881.76ground aspirin aftertaste, bad barbeque
88883.69fruit, balance, clean, strong aromatics
99084.89velvety chc. Fruits peach
round 1 session 6my scoreest. averagedescription
18983.14apricot tea, apple butter, spice, clove
28885.5nice sweetness, round, spicey when hot
38481.47sweet corn-maple syrup but average overall
48885.6greeen apple tangy
57878.8beef? Wine? Mollasses, flattening, not good
78583.9drying finish, almond skin
88885.17prune, then plum, round, deep dark fruit, tarry-oily
98183flattens as it cools, average otherwise
#6 removed for phenol
round 1 session 7my scoreest. averagedescription
18884.63cedary at first, canteloupe, b/s chocolate
28484.9pineapple acidity, juicy, a little salty and cloying
39285.35sweet winey berry fruit chocolate
47675.49very bittersweet, darkroastish, but bad and smokey too
59285.5strawberry creamy balanced
68079.3average, charred, hickory smoked bbq sauce
78684.66sweet and clean with solid balance.
round 2 session 1my scoreest. averagedescription
18684.2thin sweetness, rooty?
28484.93kinda husky when hot, chocolate, good average
508 38988mulling spice, cinnamon-clove, sweet red pepper
48385.22clean nutty, a little wet cardboard when cool
529 59285.4juicy, raspeberry, light molasses sweetness
686very roasty, pungent, rootbeer -reroasting this one
604 78984.15sassfrass, cedar, fatty, creamy, milk chocolate
500 88885.8balanced, creamy, round.
round 2 session 2my scoreest. averagedescription
18082.58smokey, lapsang souchong, tangy choc
28481.23balanced and sweet, but too thin
533 39187.26clean, thin, buttery finish, winey, citrus too
48284.07average, too thin
58685.77nuts and choco, maple cream
68283.03nutty, choco, dry
78684.07good structure, dry finish but I like
544 88886fruits, choco, some bittering, then earl grey
round 2 session 3my scoreest. averagedescription
18584.77sweet but thinning
644 48886.39cane sugar sweetness, very sweet
58384.24sweet finish but ashy issue
68685.3berry, sweet, cream, but at end , ferment? Overripe?
78182.63thinner, biting finish
519 88885.68hazelnut butter, sweet, winey finish
9almendra? Castanilla – hazelnut
round 2 session 4my scoreest. averagedescription
18283.4thinning, tightness, bitter
574 29286.48fruited, sweet, pear
38582.24bittering roastiness, choc, fruit, pungent
47985.15very dry finish
507 59085.26fruited, very creamy
68084.69tight finish
77882.23bisquity, grainy – roast issue?
633 89084.29birght chocolate and apple
round 2 session 5my scoreest. averagedescription
504 19084.29red apple, sweet, tangy finish, sugar sweetness
28784.07sweet, burned sugar sweetness
3phenolic – was a nice coffee though
48285.36clean, tangy, but some goldenseal
578 59186.48lime acidity, clove spice,
68581.7too roast, but a sweetness prevails
78584.23choc and cinnamon, perhaps orangey
88284.96flattens to a dry finish
final 10my scoreest. averagedescription
500 18888.32142857choc bittersweet, dk toasted almond, canteloupe as it cools
585 28891.37037037hazelnut, , milk choco, nutella, butter flavor, lime acidity
529 38991thick, sweet lemon and cream, cedary?
533 48989.33333333nicely structured chocolate with cedar
644 59090.33333333exotic aromas, unique light malt syrup
508 68687.88floral, sweet tangy, light honey, some chaote vegetal (?)
574 79189.7826087sweet floral, honey cream, jasmine aroma
578 89291.2pointed, piquant flavors, light whipped cream, sweet orange
519 9phenolic – was a nice coffee though
544 109588.92creamy, fruited passionfruit to fruit salad, honeysuckle, very floral aromatics, my favorite for overall cup completeness.
The winning lots are coffees scoring 84 points and above in each cupping by both the Honduras National jury and the Cup of Excellence� International Jury. These coffees have each been cupped a minimum of five different times during the cupping process.
Lot #FarmFarmerScore1El ProgresoJos� Noel Talavera91.602Santa FeRosal�o Mej�a Medina91.043El CipresDomingo Herrera Ruiz90.714Cerro del CieloMauricio Vilchez Urbina90.105San MiguelitoPedro Antonio Agurcia Moncada89.566Coop. La Uni�nIbis Garcia, Maria Mejia, Teodoro Garcia/ Prodecoop88.677La CarolinaAndres Figueroa Lopez88.588Coop Luis Alberto VasquezLuis A Vasquez, Maria Gomez, Mario Torrez, Santos Martinez/Prodecoop87.489Los AngelesPastora Peralta Sequeira87.4210Santa IsabelJaime Armando Lovo Moncada86.4111Coop Justo Pastor HerreraJorge Gonzalez Amador, Miguel Adolfo Gamez, Nelson Omar Gamez85.9812Terra Linda/San AntonioMaria Tereza Tercero Alfaro85.9613La PraderaDavid Ariel Lovo Gutierrez85.6714Los LaurelesOrlando L�pez Osorio85.6515San Ram�nDonald Roque Lopez85.5016Cipreses de Loma Fr�aEmilio Gutierrez Q.85.2417San AntonioOfelia Vasquez Funes85.0918La EsperanzaSalatiel de Jes�s Zavala Ferrufino84.9819La FloridaFernando L�pez Sauceda84.8320La SantisimaMario Vilchez Urbina84.8021La Locura del UruguayoJuan C�ceres Pintos84.7822Villa GuadalupeFrancisco Moncada Midence84.7623Las MercedesCarlos Flores Chavarria/Cecocafen84.5024Cooperativa 5 de junioCooperativa 5 de Junio84.4625El SuyatalLuis Emilio Valladarez Zelaya84.31

International jury members for the 2006 Nicaragua Cup of Excellence competition

Name Country Company
Head Judge
Paul Songer USA ACE
North America
Stephen Vick USA Stumptown
EJ Dawson USA Intelligentsia
Tom Owen USA Sweet Maria�s Coffee
Vincent Iatesta USA Caf� Pronto
Erna Knutsen USA Knutsen Coffees, Ltd.
George Howell USA Terroir Coffee
Carl Rand USA Durango Coffee Co.
Oren Bloostein USA Oren�s Daily Roast
Erika Hernandez USA Elan Organic Coffees
Shannon Simpson USA Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
Peter Giuliano USA Counter Culture Coffee
Becky McKinnon Canada Timothy�s World Coffee
Lay Yong Tan Canada Just Us! Coffee Roasters Co-op Ltd.
Andreas Giest Berliner-Berliner Germany Kaffeeroesterei Giest & Compangnon GmbH & Co.KG
Vytautas Kratulis Lithuania UAB
Katerina Salamatina Russia Federation Berty�s Coffee
Joost Leopold Netherlands The Golden Coffee Box
Soren Sylvest Denmark Estate Coffee
Kentaro Maruyama Japan Maruyama Coffee
Eiji Yamada Japan Yamada Coffee
Daisuke Tanaka Japan Milton Coffee Roastery
Ms. Yumi Kosaka Japan E-com Japan Limited
Joe Hsu Taiwan Orsir Coffee Company
Minke van Rees Netherlands DOEN Foundation
Mark Stell USA Portland Roasting Co
Kazuya Uchida Japan Uchida Coffee
Geoff Watts USA Intelligentsia

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