Up to our Noses in New Arrivals…

  • Guatemala Organic Finca Ceylan Maragogype: An outstanding large-bean Maragogype lot, smoky, bright, unusual.
  • Panama Carmen Estate 1800+ Meters: Our special selection from this outstanding farm; crisp and bright.
  • Brazil Cachoeira “Canario Bourbon“: This is a boutique lot of an unusual sub-type of Bourbon coffee – floral!
  • Brazil Jacu Bird Coffee!: The bird is back. We bought all of this, er, bird-processed coffee, and had it vac-packed.
  • Colombia Cauca Finca El Roble (4-Star): New top-notch microlot from the farmer Geraldina Chango. Fruited
  • Colombia Huila Finca Buenavista (4-Star): Our second selection that made the 88+ score to be a 4-Star lot.
  • Colombia Huila Finca Las Mesitas (4-Star): Our third 88+ lot, from the Timana region of Central Huila
  • Ethiopia Organic “Menno’s Misty Valley”: A silly name but a great, intense, heavily fruited lot … 5 Lb. limit.
  • Ethiopia Organic Yirga Cheffe: Super floral, sweet, citrusy; this is an incredible wet-processed Yirga Cheffe arrival.
  • Brazil Cerrado WP Decaf: A great blend base for decaf espresso, or lo-caf blends. Neutral, good body.
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