Spring Break 2012! Wild West Oakland Dance Party

I’m hitting the road a little later today to head out west to Oakland for a week of roasting, cupping, coffee sing-alongs, and possible break dancing. This is a really exciting time for Coffee Shrub with the addition of Aleco Chigounis and the potential to do some really exciting things with the coffees that we’re bringing in and offering. It’s very affirming to experience how Shrub has grown and how many roasters have found what we do to be helpful.

Beyond just the concept that shrub is here to help small roasters gain access to interesting coffees, we’ve always said that the coffees that we choose to offer on Shrub are coffees that we want to have a conversation about. We’re working on new ways to help get those conversations going, making it easier and more interactive to post and read comments from us and others about roasting and tasting these coffees, but also by hosting webcasts where we can put panels together to discuss not just SHrub offerings, but roast development and other impacts on quality. Tune in today for a Sweet Maria’s webcast with Tom and Aleco, at 12pm PST where they’ll be discussing Burundi among other topics (Burundi offerings up soon on Shrub):http://www.ustream.tv/channel/sweet-marias

We’ve added some fantastic new coffees this week as well:

Ecuador Organic Guatenay Microlot


“There is a hint of tangerine, apple, lemon zest (turning more toward lemon grass as it cools). The mouthfeel is silky and the body fairly light. I think it expresses the Typica cultivar flavor well.”

Ethiopia Illubabor Baaroo


Breaking the crust on Barroo shows even more sweetness but more in the form of pumpkin pie, dried apricot and clover honey. The cup profile has a wide range of both fruit and sweetness along with a syrupy mouth feel reminiscent of port wine in terms of flavor and viscosity.”

Guatemala Antigua Finca La Folie


” Fleshy, plum-like character is most apparent in the up-front flavor profile in both terms of La Folie’s juicy flavor and slightly tannic acidity. Warm, baking spice notes like nutmeg highlight the ripe, fruit tones. Bittersweet cacao and milk round out the aftertaste of the coffee. This is 2011 crop but has held up very well in grain pro!”

Rwanda Tumba Cocatu


” The cup flavor of Cocatu is juicy with the combined brightness of apple and grape, tartaric and malic. Sweet cacao and caramel notes round this out, our favorite Rwandese offering this year.”

Comin’ at ya, Oaktown

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