Sweet Maria’s Emailer 10/12/2018

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Ethiopia Agaro Sadi Loya Coop – Notes of fruit gum, creme caramels, intimations of lemon-flavored herbal tea, and a hop floral aroma. Citrus tartness provides a nice tangy aspect in the cup.

Guatemala Xinabajul La Libertad Lot 1 – A crowd pleasing cup at any roast level, caramel and molasses sweetness, roasted almond, green apple and raisin accents, and heavy cocoa roast tone as you pass City+. Good for espresso.

Guatemala Proyecto Xinabajul “La Viuda” Evelia – Dense caramel and chocolate flavors, golden raisin and cinnamon spice top notes, and cherry-like fruited acidity. Dark roasts are so bittersweet, layers of cocoa roast tone and dark fruit accents. Good for espresso.

Honduras El Paraiso Parainema Lot 2 – The cup is approachable and balanced at City+ and beyond, honey-wheat sweetness is accented by hazelnut flavored syrup, caramel, roasted peanut, and resonant bittersweet cocoa. Good for espresso.

Burundi Kibumbu Kayokwe Lot #2196 – The sweet flavors come off in layers, from unrefined sugar to toffee, caramel to a candy corn flavor. City+ roasts showcase both sweetness and inherent spiced tea accents, and tannic finish.

Nicaragua Dipilto Finca La Laguna – Unrefined sugars and roasted nut flavors are core aspects of La Laguna, flavors of sweetened peanut butter, molasses drizzled almonds, and a bittersweet cocoa counterpoint. Good for espresso.

El Salvador La Esperanza “H1” Cultivar – A raw sugar backdrop, with a sweet almond paste flavor, and a dried lemon peel accent. Impressive acidity and cleanliness for the region. Bittersweet cocoa with darker roasts. Good for espresso.

Sumatra Jagong Jeget SWP Decaf – An earthy sweet mix of date sugar and rice syrup, herbaceous accent notes of burdock root, smokey peet, and tobacco. Rustic chocolate flavors and loads of Lintong character in darker roasts too

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We are hard at work on the Sweet Maria’s 2019 Dogs of Coffee Calendar. As usual, the monthly pages will feature international dog photos shot by Tom and inside the back cover will be a collage of pets (of all species) belonging to our customers and our staff. Do you want your favorite animal friend to end up in our 2019 calendar?


We really dislike syrofoam. It’s just bad, well except when it’s protecting fragile items from aggressive mail handlers. Packing peanuts are the best material to create a lightweight barrier inside of a cardboard box, but we don’t like the idea of using so much of this environmental styro no-no…but we still use it for the time being. Click here to find out why we still use it.



Sweet Maria’s customer, Larry Cotton’s awesome HGDB (Heat Gun Dog Bowl) roaster was recently featured in Make: Magazine.  Larry’s design incorporates the expected heat gun and dog bowl but the automation comes from two electric screwdrivers and some clever wood working.