Sweet Maria’s Emailer 10/26/2018

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Ethiopia Dry Process Shakiso Kayon – Kayon natural is brimming with fruited notes of raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, dried tamarind and cherry, and a honeysuckle aroma. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention cocoa powder too, the level of which is determined by roast degree. Good for espresso.

Sweet Maria’s Moka Kadir Blend – An underpinning of rich chocolate flavors come through in layers, accented by dried apricot and plum, pipe tobacco and sweet cedar smoke. Mouthfeel is so creamy, and roast tones delivery deep cocoa bass notes. Great espresso.

Kenya Murang’a Mutitu AA – Fruited aspects shape shift from tropical mango and black plum, to citrus flavors like pink grapefruit and lemon grass. Slightly carbonized sugars and spice cookies accent the finish. A vibrant cup.

Costa Rica Don Mayo El Llano – El Llano is a bittersweet brew, balanced flavors of toffee and baking cocoa in middle roasts, as well as a subtle green apple note that adds structure. Good for espresso.

Brazil Dry Process Adriano Senna – Savory-sweet aroma of BBQ and peanut sauces, rustic palm sugar, robust and bittering cacao roast tones, inky body, and hint of dried cherry. Good for espresso.

Guatemala Antigua Pulcal Tekisik – A pristine brewed cup, light brown sugar to darker molasses types, golden raisin and dried apple notes, and green apple acidity. So sweet and balanced across a wide range of roasts. Good for espresso.

Guatemala Acatenango Gesha Lot #9 – A foundation of refined sugar sweetness bolsters perfumed flavor notes of jasmine and rose water, bubble gum, and chamomile flower tea. Tart lemony citrus shines up front transitioning into brisk black tea mouthfeel. So clean.

Nicaragua Santa Helena Maracaturra – Santa Helena Maracaturra shows soft sugar and tree nut tones, malty sweet and brown sugar accents, Lipton black tea, candied pecans, and a dash of baking spices.

Guatemala Gesha Malawi “Batch 3 – Honey Process” Sample Set – A sampling of two different process batches of Gesha Malawi, a unique cultivar that’s been transplanted to a Guatemalan farm in small amounts. Four different pairs in all and at roughly 100 of each pair, we’ll be moving through these limited process batches one sample set at a time.

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Last month we committed to donating a portion of our green coffee sales to one of our favorite charities, Doctors Without Borders. The numbers are in and the great news is we will be donating $10,000 to them annually for the next three years. This means, through 2020, we’ll send Doctors Without Borders a total of $30,000. If you placed a green coffee order during Sept. we thank you for your support!.


Tom recently went to Rwanda. Check out his recent blog post with great photos and his insights on why he wasn’t excited about Ugandan coffee in the past and what “Drugars” are.

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