Sweet Maria’s Emailer 12/12/2018

Here’s the emailer that we sent on 12/12. If you want to subscribe, sign up on the bottom of our homepage.

Costa Rica Tarrazu San Francisco 1900 – Rounded sweetness in the cup, with nuanced finishing flavors that come to a point. Look for butter toffee, caramelizing dark sugars, an almond accent note, and acidity that cuts through like lemongrass herbal tea.

Ethiopia Agaro Nano Challa Coop – The underlying sweetness has flavor aspects of clover honey, and along with a puff pastry note, accents of orange, lemon, Earl Grey, ginger chews, and an aromatic woodiness. Good for espresso.

Guatemala Acatenango Gesha Lot #12Complex floral and tea notes proliferate in both aroma and cup flavors, pearl jasmine and Darjeeling, strong florals like rose water, star jasmine and freesia, and brisk acidity and accompanying mouthfeel. Full City roasts for floral espresso.

Kenya Kiambu Japem PeaberryCity+ roasting pulls out turbinado sugar sweetness, and fruited highlights of red grape, fig, and a slightly tart tamarind hint, followed by a spiced finish. Big fruited notes at a wide roast range.

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What is cupping? Should everyone drink coffee with a spoon? Should it be called “spooning”? Why all the slurping? Can I evaluate coffee without cupping it? Tom wrote this great article in 2008 and the info still holds water coffee.


Our office and warehouse will be closed 12/24 and 12/25 for Christmas and 12/31- 1/1 for New Years. If you are going to be in the SF Bay Area during the Holidays, feel free to drop in any time we are open. Placing an order online, feel free to arrange for an in store pick up and we’ll have it waiting for you in 24 hours…and you don’t have to pay for shipping.


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