Sweet Maria’s Emailer 1/25/2018

Here’s the emailer that we sent on 1/25.  If you want to subscribe, sign up on the bottom of our homepage.

Timor Letefoho PoulalaCity+ pulls out an underlay of unsweetened cocoa powder that allows tart berry and fruit skin notes to stand out. Big body, moderate acidity, and herbal finishing hints.

Kenya Kiambu Mandela Estate AA – This AA lot from Mandela Estate has a citrus overlay that adds a fruited quality to the cup as well as acidity. Sencha tea, nectarine, unrefined sugar and more.

Kenya Nyeri Kangocho Peaberry – Layers of raw sugars give way to fruited cup flavors like grape juice, blueberry, orange zest and berry-like acidity. Darker roasting develops high % cacao bittersweetness. Good for espresso.

Colombia Buesaco Alianza de Granjeros – Alianza Granjeros shows complex fruited tones in light and medium roasts, dark berry, winey apple, tropical hints and baking spice finishing notes. Apple-like acidity comes through, with body like fruit juice.

Colombia Buesaco Don Nectario – Really sweet at City+, a floral butterscotch note, caramel and raw honey, along with top notes of baked apple, light citrus, stone fruit and acidic impressions that are like black tea.


The story begins with Tom being present the first time Gesha was put before a panel of tasters as a separate lot. That was sometime around 2002. A lot has happened since then and Tom summarized his observations in this 2016 article about Gesha.

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